Vanity Units

Wall hung bathroom vanity units are a great option for modern bathrooms. The floating vanity units do not take up any floor space, which makes the bathroom look more spacious and airy. They also allow for easy cleaning of the floor underneath. Wall hung units come in various designs, colors and materials, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Find your next wall hung vanity unit today.

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wall mounted vanity units

Frequently Asked

What are the benefits?

Storage Space: Wall hung units have drawers or doors that can house toiletries, towels and other essentials. You will find that single drawers will tend to have a larger storage area which is best for larger items, such as cleaning products.

 Improving accessibility: Wall hung units can be installed at any height  to suit different preferences and needs. They can also be more comfortable and ergonomic for people with mobility issues or disabilities. 

I need a bespoke vanity unit

We can offer tailor made solutions for your requirements through our showroom, whether you are looking for a unique style, special finish or need a specific width/depth. Contact our team today to get a quotation.