Sliding Doors

A sliding shower door is a type of door that can be opened and closed by sliding horizontally along a track. There are many different styles and designs. Sliding shower doors are convenient for saving space and preventing water from splashing outside the shower area.

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Frequently Asked

What are the benefits?

A sliding shower door can save space and enhances accessibility by eliminating the need for swing-out space. Another benefit is that it adds elegance and style to any bathroom decor with sleek and minimalistic designs that are available in various finishes and lastly they operate smoothly and quietly with advanced technology and roller bearings.

Are 10mm doors difficult to open?

Sliding doors have come along way since they was first released in the bathroom market. 10mm sliding shower doors are operated with ease thanks to the built in track system that has a smooth gliding action. You can test it out for your self in our showroom.